FEIT Fall/Winter 2011 Moc Chukka Kudu Classic

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This is the first time we covered this brand, FEIT and we like this and thought of sharing their latest products to our readers here.

So what so special about FEIT? Basically they are able to produce the highest quality products at reasonable price point by eliminating the middle man and shipping their products directly to their consumers. Sound great?

Here's the first look at the new Moc Chukka Kudu Classic for Fall 2012.

This time around the Moc Chukka comes in Kudu Classic leathers and on a Vibram Gumlite sole.

This kudu skin has been coated with wax and ironed, giving it a rich antique look. As the skin breaks you will begin to see more of the Kudu's natural features come to the fore.

The Vibram Gumlite is a rubber-foam sole that is highly water resistant and 30% lighter than traditional rubber. Durable and flexible, it is suitable for all terrain and conditions.

Available in Black and Grey, and limited to 36 pairs of each.

What's more, A Man Fashion readers can enjoy $50 off your first pair of Feit shoes with this coupon code: MYFEIT.

Head directly to their online shop to get yourself this limited edition.

Mens Fashion: Do and Don't on Shorts

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Men's shorts have come through a long way and wide variety of changes over the years. I am sure you have a huge plethora of choices open to your whims and fancies. Don't you? These include exotic fabrics, unassumingly comfortable and yet visually appealing textures, colors that fit the occasion just fine.

The range of customizability that is now made available to you by the various designers and fashion houses, include options to personalize the embroidery, number of pockets, length of the pockets, placement of the same, the choice of a zip or button up mechanism etc. The basic mantra to follow while investing in any garment is to follow some do and don't and of course you must comfortable wearing it.

So let us show you what we thoughts are the rule of DO and DON'T for various shorts.


Do: Wear baggy shorts fitted at the waits.

Don't: Let them fall below your hips.

Denim Cut Off

Do: Keep the frays on your cut-off and make sure the cut off is fitted.

Don't: Let the hems fall below the knees.

Tailored Shorts

Do: Prefer to dress it up with a tie, bow tie or jacket

Don't: Never pair with a pair of dirty sneakers

Printed Shorts

Do: Keep the prints classy, not childish

Don't: Never suitable for formal party

Tight Shorts

Do: Keep your tight shorts knee length, it adds the illusion of height. :)

Don't: Let it hug your family jewels


Do: Make sure your legs are tanned, muscular and well-groomed before you think of getting one yourself.

Don't: As we said, never consider this if your legs are fair, shapeless and hairy.

Cargo shorts

Do: Dress it up with a cardigan or military shirts.

Don't: Don't be sloppy and pair it with a dirty tee and flip flops.

Over-knee shorts

Do: Wear slouchy tanks with your over-the-knee shorts

Don't: Never over accessorize with jewellery or rapper swagger.

Fashion is about being you, not looking like your favorite star so start defining your own style sense through shorts that make you feel free.

Mens Watch: U-51 Golden Arrow

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Personifying Italian chic, the U-51 Golden Arrow took the crowds at Baselworld by storm. A true statement piece, the Golden Arrow plays on the striking contrast between solid black and the bold luxury of gold.

The sandwich dial is comprised of a black enamel layer with cut out numerals to reveal the solid 18k gold disk shining out from beneath. This is accompanied by the bolts and crown protector which altogether add up to an impressive 36.6g of gold.

With both the striking richness of the gold and the sheer size of the watch, in both diameter and thickness, the Golden Arrow is a supremely confident watch that embodies U-BOAT’s Italian style.



Top Soigné with black screws, rhodium plated, automatic mechanical chronograph personalized to U-BOAT specifications for date display and stem to be positioned at 9 o’clock. Frequency 28.800 vibrations per hour,

4 Hz. Power reserve 44 hours. 25 jewels. Height 7 mm.


Hours, minutes, chronograph, counter small seconds at 3, counter 12 at 12, counter 30 minutes at 6. Date window at 9 o’clock.


AISI 316 plus stainless steel, with subsequent treatment of coating IP black, 51mm diameter. 59.60 mm diameter including external crownclutter. The bezel and the back of the case are locked together by external

tubing and a customized key that ensures absolute water-proofing.

Thickness: 19.60 mm. The winding crown is secured by an oversized protection device, positioned at 9 o’clock, fixed on the carrure. External tubing and screws, protection device of the winding crown,

chrono pushers frame and serial number plate in yellow gold 18K 2N.

By the way, there will be limited to 99 pieces worldwide, get one if you are affordable.

Mens Fashion Dress Code for this Fall

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As everyone here should know, looking smart at work never went out of style.Whether you're in the boardroom or standing around the photocopy machine, how you dress always influence how people perceive you.

Here are a few "must dos and don'ts," that you should consider:-


  • Go for a clean, pressed and polished look.

  • Wear an undershirt to hide perspiration and chest hairs.

  • Wear a straight collar of medium length.

  • Suit sleeves should allow for a inch of the shirt cuff to be visible.

  • The tip of the tie should sit just above the belt buckle.

  • Stick to striped, solid, and small-patterned ties.

  • Don't wear socks that have holes in them or ones that have worn thin.

  • Shoes must be polished before each use.

  • Shoes and belt should match.

  • Stock your closet with a basic navy wool blazer, at least one (versatile) blue dress shirt, and a black leather oxford with 3-6 eyelets.

  • Tailor suits in arm and trouser length when needed.

So are you ready for Fall?

In summary, what you need to do is get a clean start, building up your wardrobe for this fall and all the functions that take place in your workplace and formal function. When you do this, you will find that you always have appropriate clothing for business, casual or even outdoor.

How to Wear A Scarf as a Fashionable Man

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Scarves are a great accessory for men, just as much as they are for women.  Many men hesitate to don a scarf, but scarves are a great complement to your outerwear and are a perfect way to inject some color and bold style into the mostly drab colors of winter.  Not only that, but scarves keep you warmer than you might think, so they are just as utilitarian as they are fashionable.  After you've found yourself a great men's winter coat, it's time to top it off with something that you can make a statement with.  Today I'll show you three ways to tie men's scarves (and some great buying options) that will keep you warm and stylish through the winter.

The Tie Knot

Anytime I am wearing a jacket or outwear with lapels, I use the Tie Knot.  While not particularly difficult to tie, the hardest part of perfecting this fashionable scarf knot is to make it look like you really didn't even try to tie it.  That said, the Tie Knot makes a bold statement as it is much more chunky and noticeable than the Parisian or the Once-Around.  To make a Tie Knot drape the scarf around your neck and cross one end over the other, pull the front end of the scarf up through the crossover and let it hang.  Voila, you've made a Tie Knot.  It's even bold enough to pair up with a stylish men's hat.

Burberry Cashmere Men's Scarf | Neiman Marcus

The Parisian Knot

My go-to knot for scarves, the Parisian Knot is easy to master.  Simply fold your scarf over itself length wise, wrap around your neck and pull the loose ends through the loop.  The key to getting this knot to look great is to knot have it flat around your neck as you tie it.  Let the scarf pile up and create some texture.  Also, this knot is easy to tuck inside a jacket on extremely cold days.  This knot looks great over sweaters and is also a great choice over a slim-fit shirt.

Armani Wool Men's Scarf | Neiman Marcus

The Once-Around Knot

The Once-Around is a great choice for extra cold days where you really need to warmth provided by a scarf.  Easy to make and here's how:  hang the scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other, then take the long end around your neck and let it fall over your chest.  That's all.  You can also do a Twice-Around by wrapping the scarf around your neck twice.  A great choice for crew-necks and Mandarin collar jackets.
Brunello Cucinelli Rib-Knit Scarf | Neiman Marcus

Thanks for reading.  As always, be dapper.

Best Dressed Male 2011

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Thanks to the likes of David Beckham, men have started to care a lot more about how they look and most girls can confidently say that their boyfriend spends as much time if not more than her getting ready for a night out.

As annoying as it might be that they use all our hairspray, it is no chore to take a look at the men inspiring the male style revolutions of late. Here are our top five best-dressed males:

5. Brad Pitt had to be included in this list, although he can go from stylish to tramp in the growth of a beard. He can do old school Hollywood glam and scruffy unkempt grunge better than anyone, but it is when he slips on a Tom Ford tux we can’t help but immediately remember why we fell in love with him all those years ago.

4. Johnny Depp might always look like your bizarre art teacher from secondary school but he still manages to look devilishly handsome. He certainly has his very own unique sense of style, which is pleasant and endearing to observe in a man. There is something a little eccentric about Mr Depp and he looks effortlessly stylish on all occasions.

3. David Beckham has to be thrown in for good measure.If any Brit is worthy of flying the fashion flag it is without a shadow of a doubt that David is the man for the job. Of course it probably helps that he is off the scale of good looking but this is one man who looks like he has a personal stylist on 24-hour call. Keep an eye out for Romeo who is fast falling in his footsteps.

2. Henry Holland has a place on the list because, like Johnny Depp, he has a very distinctive style all of his own and that is what wins points in fashion. Being an independent thinker in fashion will make you stand out in the crowd. Henry and his quirky look just seems to work, he does grunge so well we almost feel like nerds just thinking about standing near him.

1. Tom Ford has to be our number one, the man oozes class and elegance, not something you see in many modern day men. He is consistently impeccably presented and he smoulders on the red carpet, a brilliant poster boy for his own brand.

If you're looking for stylish big men's clothes, then you should visit some of the famous online stores where they have all of the latest trends you'll see on the above celebs.

Mens Fashion: Military Styles

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What better way to blend in with nature, literally than with the military khaki camouflage. A visual decoy created for soldier trying to escape detection in forested surroundings, the testosterone-fuelled motif remains one of the fashion's best style allies and has been countless reinventions from fashion designers like Prada, Giorgio Armani and D&G.

For those who's not sure, camouflage print is surprisingly versatile and affords a pop of military coolness if worn with restraint. Wear with clean dark jeans, monochromatic black and white, beige khaki hues or even a pastel chambray blue shirt for a contemporary street-smart look.

Men's Jackets: Aviator

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If you invest in one trend this year, make sure it's one of the key winter coat fashions for 2011. There are quite a few to choose from and aviator style and leather jackets promise to be near the top for durability, reliability and just looking great.

If you thought this was for Tom Cruise only, think again. These jackets seem to have everything. They're warm, waterproof (if you choose leather as your material), look great and add a funky touch to a formal outfit that will stand out from the crowd. The style can vary, so take length, material and cut all into consideration so that you will have a unique piece and will be able to make the look your own. There are so many combinations for zips, pockets, belts and buttons that no two are the same anyway.

The aviator style started with the fighter pilots of the 1940's; the leather and sheepskin lining kept them warm in the frigid temperatures of the stratosphere. So they are ideal for British winters! It took off as a fashion trend in 2010 and is still going strong this season, due to its versatility and the fact that they will go with almost anything.

Shop around, whether online or on the street, and make sure you get the best deal on one of these jackets. There will be a price to suit every budget and you may well end up picking up a bargain for your trouble. Superdry is one brand that is well known and has been around for a good few years now, and their aviator jackets offer style and comfort.

With an aviator jacket you will be prepared for anything; rain, hail, sleet or snow, your jacket will ensure you are kept warm, dry and comfortable no matter what winter throws your way. Go for a longer style for work and make sure you arrive at the office warm and dry, and a shorter style for those more casual days as they look great teamed with jeans. Don't forget to add a touch of the season's colours with a bright scarf for added warmth.

The Coats & Jackets You Need This Fall

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Fall is almost upon us and it's time to start getting your fall/winter wardrobe out.  I love this time of year and what it allows me to do with my wardrobe.  Between the layering options, different textures and fabrics available and the seemingly endless amount of accessories available to you, fall is the best time to make a statement about your own personal style.  Of course, with the cooler weather you're going to want to keep warm and a classic, stylish jacket is the perfect way to do that.  Today I'll show you 3 timeless jackets that are a perfect addition to any man's wardrobe.

The Peacoat

The peacoat has its roots with 19th century European sailors, originally cut from a fabric called p-cloth.  The fabric was coarse and was designed to repel water and keep the sailors dry and warm.  However the style took to land and has stuck ever since.  Peacoats are always double-breasted, have big collars and usually bold anchor buttons.  It's all part of what makes the peacoat so recognizable.  Keep in mind that this is not a jacket to wear with your suit, peacoats are cut short and your suit jacket will pop out of the bottom.  These days peacoats are available in a huge variety of styles, colors and fabrics but I like to stick to classics.  Now normally I'm not an Old Navy fan but I picked up this wool blend peacoat for only $50 last season and it is great.  The cut is surprisingly fitted and it is incredibly warm and comfortable.  It's available again this season so jump on this one when you can find a discount deal, Old Navy has them all the time.
Men's Wool-Blend Peacoat | Old Navy

The Trench Coat

Similar in style to the peacoat, the trench coat was originally designed by Burberry for officers of the British Royal Army.  The trench is recognizable by being cut longer (sometimes all the way to the knees), including a belt, epaulets, a button yoke on the back shoulders and a buttoned flap over the right shoulders.  Trench coats are also generally made of a lighter material than peacoats, with modern versions incorporating many synthetic fabrics into their construction.  Often the biggest question of style when wearing a trench coat will come down to your belt: do you tie it? buckle it? hang it in the back?  I see it as a matter of personal preference, experiment and see what you like most.  If you really hate the belt, take it out and cut off the loops.
Shades of Grey Tan Trench Coat | Piperlime

The Leather Jacket

I've already gone in depth into How to Buy a Leather Jacket, but it's worth another mention in this article because the leather jacket is an essential addition to any man's wardrobe.  If you're really too lazy to go read that article, I'll give the short version here: make sure it fits snug, keep it simple without a lot of embellishments and try out a brown jacket before settling on black.  That said, I think the most classic leather jacket look for fall is a bomber style, pictured below.  Just rebellious enough to get a second glance, but conservative enough to take to the office.
Burberry Leather Bomber Jacket | Nordstrom

Thanks for reading.  As always, be dapper.

Mens Gadgets: Charge It

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Mobile phones have become such an integral extension of ourselves and daily lives that should the phone ever run out of battery, all your appointments will fall apart.So while you are looking for portable chargers available in the market, none are quite as styles and eco-friendly as Dunhill Solar Charger.

As the Earth's reserves for fossil fuels dwindle, this solar powered flip open mobile phone charger is an attractive way of making your obsessive usage of mobile phones a greener habit.

Engineered from lightweight and durable aerospace grade aluminium and fits neatly into its Chassis leather carry case. This Dunhill Solar Charger will provide up to 30 hours of charge time for a mobile phone or mp3 player, and the device itself can be recharged using the built in solar panel or via a computer USB. Cool?

Source: Dunhill

Mens Hair Styles for Fall 2011

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New hairstyles are a great way to change one's look. In today society, more and more men are putting more attention to their hairs and have a concept of attractiveness. Most of them feel that they are more attractive and confident with a trendy hairstyle that suit them. Lots of trendy hairstyles for men have come up in the market since then. Today, we would just share couple of hairstyles that we think will continue to be popular in this Fall.

The tousled look, that impish style is still in fashion as it was in spring, but remember to use a light gel and spread it thinly with your finger tips. You want your hair to be able to move naturally, even though, when you are out on the street you may be wearing a hat, which is this falls must have accessory if what we saw on the New York, Paris and Milan catwalks is an indicator.

Beards are in and they can be any style, goatees, or tapered like George Clooney’s, so that they look as though you could grow a longer, thicker beard if you so wished.  It gives you the academic look, so if you want to look smart, adopt Clooney’s style.

If you are receding at the temples, try the Jude Law look, and ask your hair dresser to cut your hair to an inch all over, including on the sides. Buy a hair product that allows your hair to move, a light gel is just right, and tousle it on top with your fingers.

The main idea is, whatever length you decide on for your hair, you should go for the natural look, and as the cold weather hits, you may want to give your face a break and cover it with hair just as you don a sweater as an extra body layer. Don’t get cold!

Lastly, the utmost important advise from us, before you decide on new hairstyle is to find a good men’s hair dresser and have your hair cut into a style, which suits the shape and size of your face. It’s worth paying extra to get a really good cut, at least at first, and then you usual hairdresser will get the idea and just follow the good cut you have had. Hairstyles for fall are short, with a longer length at the top, with your hair cut above your collar and with your ears on show.


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