Men's Sneaker: New Balance 574 Dragon Pack for 2012

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In commemoration of the 2012 Chinese Zodiac’s year of the dragon, New Balance has crafted a unique pack to celebrate the heralded occasion. The set utilizes one of the brand’s most readily released silhouettes, the 574. The collection highlights a variety of colorways, as each will be most notably set off by branding of the mythical creature throughout each edition.

The sneakers will be optioned in three schemes of black, yellow and red, while additional limited edition offerings of gold color will  also be available. You can expect the thematic footwear to be available by the end of December, through select New Balance stock lists throughout Asia.  

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Man Fashion Tips: Men Dress Shirts for Skinny and Short Man

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If you are short and thin, dressing up can be quite the hassle. You are going to look like you are drowning in a shirt if it is not made to fit your figure. Despite having a small frame, there are a few ways on how to look great in a dress shirt.

Short height does best with slim, streamlined details. Pick narrow collars whose points aim downward over wide spread collars as broad collars make you look stouter than you really are.

It is important to have the length of the sleeve and the shirt adjusted to suit your body measurement. Nothing looks more awkward than having the sleeves that hang down too far or shirt that is too wide at the waist. A trim fitted dress shirt with the pocket and collar in the right size will stop you from looking like a flying squirrel.

This is a little optical illusion that you could use well to your advantage. Vertically-oriented patterns on dress shirts compliment short figures. Horizontal line going across will only make you look wider instead of taller. However if you are aiming to look broader, vertically striped patterns such as plaid or windowpane patterns make flattering choices. Do not go overboard with loud plaids and windowpane designs, choose more subtle tonal varieties. Dressing in dark colors from head to toe will only emphasize your skinny body frame. If you wish to avoid emphasis on your small body frame, add in a splash of white or light gray to break the whole one colored outfit. Avoid anything with over excessive stripes in varying colors and sizes as it can be a little overbearing to the eyes. Thin, simple stripes make you look elegant and taller than you actually are.

Another piece of advice for a man of short height is to remember that dress shirt is to always be kept tucked in. Shirttails that are let loose shorten your legs dramatically. Un-tucked dress shirts will cut your body in half and make you look particularly stumpy. Tucking in your dress shirt makes sure your leg line is maximized. Men with longer leg lines naturally give the illusion of being taller.

Regardless of what kind of body shape Mother Nature gave you, making the most of what you were given will make you look better and help you feel more confident.

Mens Fashion Jeans: Burberry Prorsum Dark Indigo Jean

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We are sure slim fitting dark indigo jeans have a place in every man's wardrobe, more so for this pair from Burberry Prorsum, that has minimal detailing that makes them a go-to option for any stylish look. Made with raw denim and 100% cotton, these jeans will soften with use for a unique patina that will develop as you wear them.

Come with five pockets, button closure and fly and layered perspex plaque on the back engraved with the Burberry Prorsum logo, Burberry Prorsum Dark Indigo Slim Fit Jean is a "Must Have" item in your wardrobe. You can find one from

5 Designer Watches for Your Girlfriend this Christmas

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The mention of a perfect gift and while most men will think gold, most women will think of Swiss and diamonds. Those sparkling fashion gems are always a good gift idea but this year, why not buy your sweetheart something that is both quality and a fashion statement?

Rolex Datejust Special Edition

Rolex recently just released a new collection of their sensual, dazzling and enchanting watches. What better way to impress her with this special Everose gold model edition produced with brilliant-cut diamonds elegantly showcased in an 18 carat white gold setting?

TAG Heuer Women’s Aquaracer Diamond Pink Mother-of-Pearl Dial Watch

If your love one adores watches and diamonds, TAG Heuer may just be the right choice. This luxury timepiece is made up of jewel-encrusted stainless steel strap with a bezel full of diamonds surrounding the radiant complements to the pink mother-of-pearl dial. The design is feminine and elegant and has jewels as hourly markers.

Michele Tahitian Ceramic Watch

This luxury sporty watch will make her the envy of her friends. A ceramic bracelet with a hundred sparkling master diamonds that circle around the Tahitian Ceramic timepiece, this gorgeous trendy white watch is a gift that will definitely have her eating out of your hands.

Cartier Baignoire Watch

This simple yet elegant small Cartier timepiece is bound to please any women. Instead of the usual round dial, this timepiece was designed in an oval shape with roman numerals and is surrounded by round diamonds. The unique feature about this watch is the blue sword-shaped steel hands and it is water resistant to 100 ft! No need to worry about water ruining your precious gift.

OMEGA De Ville Ladymatic

Worn by Nicole Kidman, this unique red gold timepiece has a transparent case back making it possible for her to admire the movement inside of the watch. The diamonds on this OMEGA is the hardest, most luminous precious stone whose value is calculated according to the 4C criteria; cut, carat, clarity and color. It is class and beauty at the same time.

Designer watches are appropriate for many occasions and are not only beautiful but practical pieces of accessories as well. Believe it or not, women today are starting to pay attention to the technical and mechanical aspects of a watch. Just paying attention to the outlook of that wrist accessory can be a flaw. The most important thing is observing her fashion preference to make better gift choices. Good luck guys!

Mens Hairstyles: 3 Hairstyles for this Winter

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Trends for men’s hairstyle this winter are above average cuts short, both of the sides and back of the head short while longer on the top. However, just because a certain hairstyle is in trend, it does not mean you can get it without considering whether or not it fit your face shape. The biggest mistake you should avoid  is to follow blindly the hair trend that does not go with the shape of your face.

Close on the sides

This style is cut close on the sides and back all the way up to the point where the head starts to round at the top. If you have an oval face shape, you are lucky as we normally classified this face shape as ‘perfect’ face shape. This versatile face shape allows you to wear almost any hairstyle you desire. Consider this haircut this winter that is stylish and yet low maintenance.

Slick back hairstyle

When you think of slick back hair trends, actors like George Clooney and Leonardo Di Caprio comes into mind. The former plays a large part in influencing this trend and the latter always grace the red carpet with it. But this year, the only thing that is going to be slick back is the fringe with lighter hues running through a glossy mop of hair. However it is best advised if you only do this hairstyle in a dry weather. If it snows frequently, this hairstyle is not advisable as the snow will dampen your hair and it will hang down instead of stay up. This hairstyle goes well with a square and oval face as slicking your hair back will help make your face seem a little longer and it will emphasize on the square jaw that most men envy.

Disheveled hairstyles

Sometimes we also called Messy hairstyle, covering your forehead with hair will make your face seem wider. If you have wider cheekbones than the forehead or chin, this kind of hairstyle will compliment the shape of your face. Disheveled hairstyles will fill out your face at the forehead and chin while being close to your head at its widest point. However, avoid over-styling your hair when you want to achieve the tousled look as it might end up looking unnatural.

Finding the right hairstyle is hard but not impossible. Understanding the shape of your face simplifies the search for the perfect hairstyle. Be adventurous and do not hesitate in trying out new hairstyles to find which fits you best.

Mens Designer Watch: Breitling Chronomat GMT

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Breitling prides itself as being the makers of instruments for professionals, which reflects its heritage as suppliers of timekeeping devices for the aviation industry before it ventured into the consumer market.

With this tradition in mind,  Breitling’s new Chronomat GMT lets you adjust instantly to the time and date on your arrival while maintaining a 24-hour home-time display without losing any precision in counting the minutes. Equipped with the new Breitling Caliber 04, entirely developed and produced within the company workshops, the Chronomat GMT is a special chronograph offering a smoothly functional dual timezone system.

The thing we sometimes find uncomfortable with Breitling is the design of the watches as we think it is too bulky but we are sure the style has its ardent followers. Equipped with two central hour hands, the first matches the minute hand and runs over a 12-hour scale, while the second is tipped with a red triangle and runs in 24-hour mode. When the user is in his home country, the two hour hands move in a perfectly synchronized manner.

Entirely made in Switzerland, the Chronomat GMT has teamed with a choice of various straps and bracelets offering a variety of styles and uses: the classic touch of Barenia or crocodile leather, the sporty spirit of rubber straps, and the sturdy steel Pilot bracelet.

5 Men Designer Dress Shirts You Should Not Miss in 2012

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Men dress shirts are an essential part of men’s fashion. The dress shirt you are wearing determines the message you intend for the public eye. But how do you know what to choose when there are so many kinds of designer dress shirts out there? At Man Fashion, we have listed down a list of designer dress shirts that are consider.

Missing out Ermenegildo Zegna collection would be a big loss for a fashionable man like you. The color palettes of the dress shirts are so different from usual that it brings a sense of freshness to its usual collections. Attractive to the eyes, the dress shirt will definitely be a good addition to your wardrobe.

Something different and refreshing presented by Versace in the Milan Spring 2011 showcased a range of dress shirts meet rockabilly. Forget the suit when you take on Versace’s dress shirt, the dress shirts presented here are outstanding even on their own with dual-tones and a unique taste towards horizontal patterns. Pair them up with a nice sleek suit and pants and you will look ready as ever to hit almost anywhere, formal or not. Versace did not shy away from daring swirl prints with its dress shirts and if you are one to dress boldly, this shirt is not to be missed.

Another designer dress shirt that you could not afford to miss this year is the Dolce & Gabbana dress shirts showcased in the Spring 2012 Fashion Week. The brand came up with silk foulard in every conceivable dress shirts and colors.

DKNY models walked down the runway with pale blue dress shirts this Fall. Those simple yet elegant-looking dress shirts could come in handy for any occasion.

Nobody love color and patterns more than Etro but if you can’t get enough of them and want them on your dress shirts, Etro’s Milan Spring 2011 is definitely the one not to be missed. The dress shirts are executed in faded colors and small detailed patterns. Throw on a suit and it looks formal; take it off and the dress shirt can be used for something casual.

Do not be afraid to try daring colors and patterns as you never know what might actually suit you better.

What Men Fashion Styles to Watch Out in this Winter?

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We can all try and deny it but summer is officially over and now is mid of winter. It’s time to turn out the closet and change the thin spring/summer clothes for thicker, warmer clothing. The men’s winter 2011 trends are all about smart and fashionable winter-weather dressing.

We always associate winter with dark dull colors because that is what they are; the sunny bright days is being replaced by the bitter cold weather. However, forget the usual blacks, charcoals and grey as another trend has taken over the streets. Colors are a big feature for this coming season. Everything is being revamped into a wide range of colors and prints. The usual dark ensemble is being replaced with a burst of bright daring colors. Designers such as Burberry and Vivienne Westwood have shown a lot of blues, reds and greens while daring designers such as D&G have gone for eye-catching orange.

Another fashion styles that deserve a watchful eye is the clothing’s material. This season, materials are given as much attention to as the design of an outfit. Tweeds used to be thick and itchy but now, the tweed that is currently stirring a trend in winter season is softer and lighter. It is sturdy without being too restrictive.

When deciding on a jacket to beat the cold winter, how about these cool aviator jackets? This trendy life-saver in the bitter winter has become a popular addition in runways. It made an appearance in Burberry Prorsum, Lanvin, Hermes and Trussardi 2011's shows.

Some of the prevailing trends for this season’s men’s autumn winter accessories are faux fur and leather. There is a wealthy amount of fur and sheepskin trapper hats on the high street this season. These items can make all the difference when put together with an outfit for winter.

A few years ago men hardly had the opportunity of such a large choice of gloves. But thankfully fashion is stepping forward and today a good variety of design and fabrics are being offered to the gents. Many designers such as Lanvin and Giuliano Fujiwara welcome this accessory on their runways. Gloves are not only one of the coolest fashion accessories but it also helps keep you warm and comfortable through the bitter cold season. Opt for a pair of leather gloves if you wish to portray that ‘gentlemen style’.

Just because it is winter does not mean you should abandon your fashion sense for the season. Stay up to date with trends just as how you would with summer and your winter will no longer be as dull.

Man Fashion: Emporio Armani F/W 2011 Collection

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This season, Emporio Armani is plunging into realistic urban townscape. In fine shading of grey and taupe, the collection offers a vision of urban dressing that escalates the collection into a whole new level of modern elegance. Special attention was given to coats with deconstructed silhouettes, slim fitting and occasionally paired with a waistcoat that looks best at mid-calf length.

Armani's signature nylon and quilting are replaced with a range of wools, nubuck sheepskin and leather to reassure the brand's sense of solidity. The collection is expressed with a forceful confidence and a hints of eccentricity. The leather harness cum waistcoat is genius creation, a very sexy way to display and define the male form.


Men Fashion: Dress Eco-Friendly, Are You?

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You may be asking yourself what exactly is an Eco Youth and how can you dress like one? Well, we can sum this up in a couple of words: hippy and bohemian. As an Eco youth, you are someone who cares greatly about ecology and the planet. The things you wear and do are all with a saving the planet mentality.

Alright, so let see what you can do here. The first priority you can start with is to look for online stores that sell eco-friendly clothing. This is clothing that is made with recycled materials or who use coloring and dyes that are earth friendly with a production process that does little to pollute the earth. Bear in mind that the eco-fashion is basically more than just fashion really, but also how these things are made.

Next, we will briefly touch on how we can contribute to this.

  1. Always carry around one of those recyclable ‘green’ grocery bags with you that have the word Green on it. This way everyone knows you are all about green stuff.

  2.  Look online for clothing stores that feature green or eco clothing and articles. A great place to look as well is vintage stores and thrift stores. Recycled clothing at it’s finest.

  3. Buy your jewelry from vintage stores and don’t go buying real pearls, ever.

  4. On that note, you cannot wear anything made from animals; no leather or suede and snakeskin boots are definitely out!

  5. If you use any kind of beauty product, from shampoo to makeup you have to be sure none of it was tested on animals, has no animal proteins or whale blubber or anything like that in them. There are specific places that sell eco friendly products of this nature, search them out.

  6. Your clothing should be made of cotton, silk, bamboo or any other type of sustainable thread. Clothing and shoes made from hemp is a great way to go for this look.

The Eco Youth look is not any one particular fashion or look, it’s all about what clothing you are wearing, what it is made of and how it was made. If you are wearing something that was made by a company who is serious about being green then wear whatever you want from them.

In short, eco Fashion is all about saving the planet and looking good while you do it.

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