What Men Fashion Styles to Watch Out in this Winter?

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We can all try and deny it but summer is officially over and now is mid of winter. It’s time to turn out the closet and change the thin spring/summer clothes for thicker, warmer clothing. The men’s winter 2011 trends are all about smart and fashionable winter-weather dressing.

We always associate winter with dark dull colors because that is what they are; the sunny bright days is being replaced by the bitter cold weather. However, forget the usual blacks, charcoals and grey as another trend has taken over the streets. Colors are a big feature for this coming season. Everything is being revamped into a wide range of colors and prints. The usual dark ensemble is being replaced with a burst of bright daring colors. Designers such as Burberry and Vivienne Westwood have shown a lot of blues, reds and greens while daring designers such as D&G have gone for eye-catching orange.

Another fashion styles that deserve a watchful eye is the clothing’s material. This season, materials are given as much attention to as the design of an outfit. Tweeds used to be thick and itchy but now, the tweed that is currently stirring a trend in winter season is softer and lighter. It is sturdy without being too restrictive.

When deciding on a jacket to beat the cold winter, how about these cool aviator jackets? This trendy life-saver in the bitter winter has become a popular addition in runways. It made an appearance in Burberry Prorsum, Lanvin, Hermes and Trussardi 2011's shows.

Some of the prevailing trends for this season’s men’s autumn winter accessories are faux fur and leather. There is a wealthy amount of fur and sheepskin trapper hats on the high street this season. These items can make all the difference when put together with an outfit for winter.

A few years ago men hardly had the opportunity of such a large choice of gloves. But thankfully fashion is stepping forward and today a good variety of design and fabrics are being offered to the gents. Many designers such as Lanvin and Giuliano Fujiwara welcome this accessory on their runways. Gloves are not only one of the coolest fashion accessories but it also helps keep you warm and comfortable through the bitter cold season. Opt for a pair of leather gloves if you wish to portray that ‘gentlemen style’.

Just because it is winter does not mean you should abandon your fashion sense for the season. Stay up to date with trends just as how you would with summer and your winter will no longer be as dull.

Man Fashion: Emporio Armani F/W 2011 Collection

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This season, Emporio Armani is plunging into realistic urban townscape. In fine shading of grey and taupe, the collection offers a vision of urban dressing that escalates the collection into a whole new level of modern elegance. Special attention was given to coats with deconstructed silhouettes, slim fitting and occasionally paired with a waistcoat that looks best at mid-calf length.

Armani's signature nylon and quilting are replaced with a range of wools, nubuck sheepskin and leather to reassure the brand's sense of solidity. The collection is expressed with a forceful confidence and a hints of eccentricity. The leather harness cum waistcoat is genius creation, a very sexy way to display and define the male form.

Photo: www.style.com

Men Fashion: Dress Eco-Friendly, Are You?

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You may be asking yourself what exactly is an Eco Youth and how can you dress like one? Well, we can sum this up in a couple of words: hippy and bohemian. As an Eco youth, you are someone who cares greatly about ecology and the planet. The things you wear and do are all with a saving the planet mentality.

Alright, so let see what you can do here. The first priority you can start with is to look for online stores that sell eco-friendly clothing. This is clothing that is made with recycled materials or who use coloring and dyes that are earth friendly with a production process that does little to pollute the earth. Bear in mind that the eco-fashion is basically more than just fashion really, but also how these things are made.

Next, we will briefly touch on how we can contribute to this.

  1. Always carry around one of those recyclable ‘green’ grocery bags with you that have the word Green on it. This way everyone knows you are all about green stuff.

  2.  Look online for clothing stores that feature green or eco clothing and articles. A great place to look as well is vintage stores and thrift stores. Recycled clothing at it’s finest.

  3. Buy your jewelry from vintage stores and don’t go buying real pearls, ever.

  4. On that note, you cannot wear anything made from animals; no leather or suede and snakeskin boots are definitely out!

  5. If you use any kind of beauty product, from shampoo to makeup you have to be sure none of it was tested on animals, has no animal proteins or whale blubber or anything like that in them. There are specific places that sell eco friendly products of this nature, search them out.

  6. Your clothing should be made of cotton, silk, bamboo or any other type of sustainable thread. Clothing and shoes made from hemp is a great way to go for this look.

The Eco Youth look is not any one particular fashion or look, it’s all about what clothing you are wearing, what it is made of and how it was made. If you are wearing something that was made by a company who is serious about being green then wear whatever you want from them.

In short, eco Fashion is all about saving the planet and looking good while you do it.

Men Skincare: 10 Effective Tips to Cure Acne

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The skin is the largest organ on the body and unlike your wardrobe, you cannot change the skin you wear every day. One of the main functions of the skin is to eliminate some of the body’s waste products and when toxins escape into the skin, they can cause problems such as acne. Here we offer to you some tips for your fight against acne:

  1. As acne is basically a skin condition connected with the oil glands, you should try to keep your skin clean. By keeping your skin clean, it helps to reduce the bacteria count.

  2. Be careful not to over cleanse your face or it might result to your skin being too dry.

  3. Use plain soap and water to cleanse your skin no more than 3 times a day. If you have very oily skin, you may wash it more than several times a day.

  4. Avoid using moisturizers and creams on oily skin as they can give you a greasy feel and look. Use oil-free products instead.

  5. Vigorous scrubbing is not good for the skin. Avoid using anything rough when scrubbing at your skin if you have acne. It may worsen breakouts.

  6. Shave lightly over acne-affected areas and try not to nick the pimples. Avoid shaving when your skin is inflamed and applying acne medications instead of aftershave later can help control breakouts.

  7. Exfoliate your skin gently once or twice a week. Exfoliating you skin helps to get rid of dead cells and this can help bring healthy skin to the surface faster. However, be careful as over exfoliating can cause more acne breakouts.

  8. Do not over apply acne medications. Over usage can lead to side effects that will only worsen your skin condition.

  9. Seek the consultation of a dermatologist if unsure of the treatment products.

  10. Last but not least, consistency. Acne does not heal overnight so patience is very much needed.

Remember that by just cleansing your skin, you will not get rid of acne. A combination of eating wisely and the right treatment is the best way to combat this irritable problem.

Men Fashion: 7 Must Knows for Men Dress Shirts

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The men's dress shirt is typical classic fashion. Other than becoming more fitted over time, men dress shirt has not changed a lot but there are tons of options when it comes to choosing a dress shirt. A typical dress shirt is a button-up shirt with a collar, long sleeves, and wrist cuffs. It is usually made from a dyed and cotton fabric woven into various colors and patterns.

The problem with dress shirts is that they are ready made garments and hence, are made to fit many. As a result, they might not fit anyone perfectly. It is important to know these 7 Tips that we are going to share with you before swap your credit card.

The most important part of a dress shirt is the neck and collar area. The purpose of a shirt collar is to properly balance and frame a man’s face. Do not underestimate the collar because it is this part of the shirt that truly accentuates your attractive facial features. There are whole lot ranges of collars to choose from so when shopping for custom men dress shirts, pay close attention to them.

When deciding on a custom dress shirt, notice if the sleeves are long enough that when you raise your arms the cuffs will not be pulled down the forearm. Notice if the sleeves are short enough that when your arms are down, you won’t have more than an inch of fabric gathering near the cuff.

The shirt’s cuffs are the only visible parts of a shirt—other than the collar—when a jacket is worn. Cuff links are divided into two types and are mainly for decorative purposes. Button cuffs are single cuffs that are most commonly found on readymade shirts. French cuffs are a double cuff and are the bulkier choice.

The type of fabric on a dress shirt determines comfort, quality and the durability of a dress shirt. The higher the grade, the softer the shirt is. However, softer shirts wear out faster than the heavier ones.

Believe it or not, the quality of the buttons on a dress shirt indicates the overall quality of the shirt. The best custom dress shirts have thick or triple stacked buttons. Plastic buttons break easily so the best alternative is the Mother of Pearl buttons.

Split yoke is used to adjust a shirt to fit a men’s build. Nowadays most shirt yokes simply match patterns and are not custom-made.

Gusset or tails is the triangular shaped material added to the area between the front and the back of the shirt. The gusset makes tucking dress shirts into pants easier.

The shirt speaks for the wearer and hence, every detail on your shirt matter. Pay close attention to the characteristics of the shirt and it will compliment you.

Men Winter Grooming YES and NO

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There is a misconception among man - an idea that is so wrongly construed that it is actually one of the greatest fallacies, well at least to me. We are referring to the term “metrosexual”. When you say metrosexual, it sort of instigates the question of a person’s sexuality. That has in turn created a stigma that a man can’t be into a lifestyle where he takes good care of himself without being coined a metrosexual. So, let us make it straight once and for all men, grooming is something that you owe to your body. So here’s some basic do’s and dont’s of grooming, especially when winter comes around.

The DO’s

1. Do moisturize

With winter comes dry skin, so it’s important to quench your skin’s thirst with a good moisturizer. An important tip though when you choose your moisturizer is to steer clear of the ones with alcohol as alcohol strip skin’s natural oils.

2. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

You might think, it’s the winter season. What are the chances of me being exposed to sunrays? On the contrary, winter sun is even more concentrated once they reflect off white snow. So slap on a layer of sunscreen with full spectrum UVA/UVB protection before you leave the house.

3. Do drink lots of water

Did you know that we tend to not feel thirst in cold weather hence the body doesn’t send out an urge for you to drink water? Your skin might feel the effects of this, even more so during winter when it’s dry. But, fact is it can be fatal when you’ve reached the point of dehydration.

4. Do wear a hat

By that, we mean do provide some sort of warmth for your head region. It is a little known fact that the head is a primary point of heat loss. Whether it is a hooded jacket or your pick of winter headgear, make sure that your head is well-protected from the harsh elements.

5. Do hit the gym

With the holiday season upon us, it is the time of the year for family gatherings, delectable feasts, and just basically fond memories in front of a roaring fire. A gym is the last thing on anyone’s mind. But that is where you are wrong. Exercising facilitates blood circulation and keeps that glow in your face when everyone else’s is literally looking grey from the cold.


1. Don’t overdo alcohol

Alcohol is one of the many methods used to keep warm during those bitterly cold days. But does it really have that effect? According to the Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Problems, the answer is a big fat no. So, try not to take the term “drink and be merry” too literally.

2. Don’t overeat

We know it is hard to resist that sumptuous Christmas meal spread in front of you. And with all the office parties and New Years gatherings, you’ll be eating your way through the winter season. Let’s try to keep the fatty food and sinful desserts at a bare minimum shall we. Maybe when you find out that these foods have a detrimental effect on your skin it would be easier to say no.

3. Don’t lick lips

Next time when you’re out on the street during cold weather, try to fight the instinct of licking your chapped lips. Instead, always carry around a lip balm and whip it out whenever necessary. Pay no heed to those buddies who are giving you hell for using a “women’s product”.

4. Don’t go caveman

Yes, the tousled up, out of bed, devil may care hairdo is dominating the runways. But don’t, never overboard and throw your shaving routine out the window even if the facial hair helps in keeping your face warm in winter draft. We don’t want to end up looking like Chewbacca from Star Wars do we?

5. Don’t take hot baths/showers

When you are stuck outdoors during frigid weather, does the thought of a steaming, hot shower entice you? Fact is, the steam from a hot shower causes more damage to the skin than good. It enlarges the pores and thus allowing locked moisture inside the skin to escape. Opt for lukewarm water instead to lessen the aggravation on dry skin during winter.

How to Take Care of Men Dress Shoes

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A timeless pair of men dress shoes that is durable yet comfortable will set you back anywhere from $100 to $500. So now that you’ve splurge on that piece of leather beauty, how are you going to get the most out of your investment? With proper care and preventive maintenance, of course! We share with you in this article little trivia when it comes to men dress shoes care 101.

1. Shoe trees

What are shoe trees, you ask? If you have that question in mind, clearly you’ve been neglecting the necessary maintenance care for your dress shoes. So, do them a favour and go to any reputable shoe store today and get this piece of nifty device available at a price of $20. This device works impeccably with all sizes, thanks to the coiled metal spring stem. But, most importantly, it fills out the shoe thus helping the supple leather keep its form. Try not to skimp on the quality of shoe trees and opt for ones made from hard wood, preferably cedar which helps eliminate detrimental moisture and that offensive odour especially after a long day of walking in your dress shoes.

2. Water repellent

Most dress shoes at the store come readily with a layer of water repellent, or so they claim. But for quality ones that come with a hefty price tag that is usually the case. But, as suspected that layer of protection tends to deplete with each wear. So, be sure to habitually reapply a coat of water repellent to the leather on a regular basis but it all boils down to the frequency of usage. This way those fashion statement on your feet can take a beating from elements such as rain and snow.

3. Clean, Condition, Polish

Here comes the most laborious part of dress shoe care and that too is in fact three simple steps. First, remove the grime off the top of your shoes with leather cleaner. A good one will effectively eliminate all traces of dirt, stains and most importantly, residual built-up polish. Secondly, an equally important step of shoe care is conditioning to replace the leather’s natural oils, keeping it soft. It is crucial to note that this should be done right after a good cleaning, when the leather is still slightly moist. Lastly, proceed on to buffing your shoes. You can use either wax, cream or paste polish but avoid liquids at all cost.

4. Protective soles

For that amount of money you’re shelving out for a good, high quality pair of leather shoes, chances are you’re also paying through your nose for leather soles. For me, personally, it is a pain to see the most vulnerable part –the soles of my favourite pair wear through the elements and with leather soles that pain turns into agony. So, why not add a rubber sole protector to lessen the impact of constant abuse? Stylishly thin, these rubber soles cost about $1 each, truly putting them at the front line of defence for your dress shoes.

5. Avoid heat

It is a huge mistake to dry out leather shoes with direct heat, a sin equivalent to murdering that exquisitely hand crafted piece of leather artistry. Yet, most men have committed such crime. Leather should always dry under natural circumstances. Never, I repeat never, overheat it by placing them near an open fire or stove. This will literally cook the leather, robbing it so intensely of moisture that it turns brittle.

Give your men dress shoe a little pampering once in a while to keep it even more durable and lasting.

5 Chic Sneakers for this Autumn/Winter

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Sneakers, trainers, kicks -call them whatever you want but stemming from a background of sporting apparel for basketball players since Marquis Converse conceptualized it in 1917, they have indeed come a long way. Ditching their reputation of being a 12 year olds’ footwear and now that basketball shoes have reigned supreme in the basketball court, sneakers have finally found its calling. In mainstream, that is. These shoes have penetrated into all facets of life from everyday wear and tear to fashion statement. So if you’re looking to add another pair to your sneakers collection, we are at your service with the 5 chic sneakers of Autumn/Winter 2011.

1. Christian Louboutin Spacer Flat sneakers

Think Christian Louboutin and the mind goes to that signature glimpse of devil red soles that you get in a pair of heels that is of the fashion house’s creation. But, good news guys, Christian Louboutin is starting to expand its brilliance into mens footwear, starting with these sneakers. With straps and zippers details, these sneakers are truly the hottest pair that Autumn/Winter 2011 season has laid its eyes upon. In fact, there are plenty of great choices from the Christian Louboutin FW 2011 sneaker line like the Rantus Orlanto and Louis Flat collection.

Christian Louboutin Spacer Flat Sneakers

Source credited to: theshoebuff.com

2. Nike Air Ralston Mid Lite TZ

For those of you who wish for something with more of a simplified aesthetic that does not skimp on comfort and versatility, these Air Ralston Mid Lites from Nike Sportswear Fall 2011 collection are structured with you in mind. With a premium raw suede upper and Nike’s revolutionizing Air Unit in the sole, these sneakers with its up-to-date deconstructed flair are the epitome of timeless footwear appeal with a twist.

Nike Air Ralston Mid Lite TZ

Source credited to: slamxhype.com

3. CLAE’s Mobley and Wilder

You may not have heard of CLAE but it’s about time you pay attention to this new kid on the sneakers block. This LA based brand of bold sneaks with its classic sensibility and notes of unexpected colour accents has even been named as one of GQ’s crucial kicks. The Mobley and Wilder are specifically mentioned in this article as CLAE’s latest offering for FW 2011 but do visit their website for a consistently strong lineup of impressive designs for all seasons such as the Khan, the Russell, the Strayhorn and the Ellington.

CLAE Right: Wilder, Left: Mobley

Source credited to: clae.com

4. Creative Recreation’s Cicero

Another sneaker brand featured on GQ’s compilation of crucial kicks is Creative Recreation. Their take on fall sneakers and the colour stories behind it will leave sneaker-heads spinning. Most notable out of Creative Recreation’s fall releases is the military inspired Cicero. Focusing on a sneaker that will help you brave the rapidly approaching cold, the creative minds at Creative Recreation came up with a leather laced up collection with removable snow cuffs.

Creative Recreation Cicero sneakers

Source credited to: cr8rec.com

4. Missoni X Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

It would be wrong for us to talk about sneakers without paying tribute to the brand that started it all- all hail Converse! If you think the age old brand has been sitting comfortably on its reputation then you are clearly mistaken. With so many designer partnerships under its belt from Junya Watanabe to Schott NYC, Converse has been going non-stop at its revamp movement. One of the more successful collaboration is with the Italian fashion house Missoni. For this fall, they have done it again with what can only be described as space-dyed knit construction method on the classic Chuck Taylor.

Missoni X Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Source credited to: solecollector.com

Ultimately, always look for good autumn/winter sneakers with good sole traction and insulation, water resistant that keep you comfortable with style.

Nike Sportwears Air Yeezy 2 - Black/Pink

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The general aesthetics of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 hasn’t really been a mystery, having since been seen a multitude of times on the feet of Kanye West. We can thank to the hardworking paparazzi for snapping up these shots of Kanye rocking the latest creation in the streets of New York. Seen in a black/pink colorway with a glow-in-the-dark outsole, the overall silhouette is more or less unchanged, yet there is a snake skin, or similar material, used on the ankle paneling.

Men Fashion: Dress Shirts Back to Basic

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Men's dress shirts come in many different styles, usually determined by the shirt's fit and what type of cuff or collar it has. A basic dress shirt is a collared shirt, traditionally with long sleeves ending in cuffs, that buttons up the front. Fit may be tailored or standardized if the garment is ready made. The two most common types of cuffs on a dress shirt are the button or barrel cuff and the French cuff, while the more common collar styles on dress shirts include the point collar, the spread collar, and the button down collar. Other elements that contribute to the individual style of a dress shirt include what type of fabric is used to make the shirt, whether or not the shirt has breast pockets, and what type of buttons are used to close the shirt.

Dress Shirt Cuff

The most common and least formal cuff to see on an off-the-rack dress shirt is referred to as a button or barrel cuff. This type of cuff wraps around the wrist and closes with either one or two buttons. Another common type of cuff is the French, or double, cuff, which is considered more formal. A French cuff is folded over and held in place with a cuff link rather than a button. The most formal type of cuff is the single cuff, which is fastened with cuff links like the French cuff.

Dress Shirt Collar

There are various different styles of collar, which is the primary indicator of the formality of a shirt and here are three common type of dress shirt collars that you can commonly find in the market.

  • Spread collars measure from around 3½ to 6 inches between the collar points, and the wider collars are often referred to as cutaway or Windsor collars after the Duke of Windsor. This city style is more formal, though it is common in Europe, and predominant in the UK.

  • Point, straight, or small collars are narrow, with 2½ to 3¼ inches between the points of the collar.

  • Button-down collars have points fastened down by buttons on the front of the shirt. Introduced by Brooks Brothers in 1896, they were patterned after the shirts of polo players and were used exclusively on sports shirts until the 1950s in America. 

How you wear a dress shirt is almost as important as what it looks like. Depend on what occasions, while formal wear can be too stuffy for many occasions, casual but still dressed up is enough to make a good impression.

    Men Health: Why Good Trainer is so Important

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    Running shoes or trainers nowadays are stylish, comfortable, durable and protective of your feet, but it does make it a little harder to buy your perfect pair of shoes when there is a sea of shoes to choose from. So how can you be sure that you are putting out your hard earned money for a decent pair of running shoes? And why should you even bother? What is the importance of a good pair of trainers anyway?

    Sadly, We have always thought that trainers are trainers; the difference seems to only ever be their vast difference in price. After all, what difference does it make by running in a typical cheap pair of shoes and one that costs more than 5 times its price? Running is still running, right? Wrong! So wrong!

    In addition, it is not hard to see more than a few people wearing various types of sneakers ranging from football to basketball sneakers to a marathon run! These are the people that will suffer massive amounts of pain after the running exercise.

    Different activities satisfy different needs as the biomechanics of these events is different. Good trainers are shoes that would not hurt your feet throughout any running exercise.

    First of all, they can avoid blisters and other pains in the foot. If you are using a bad pair of trainers, coupled up with incorrect kind of socks, you would feel sore feet quickly. One of the biggest mistakes in picking socks is that most people go for cotton socks but they tend to cause friction against your skin.

    Secondly, a good pair of trainers provides a snug fit to your foot as much as possible. It is also the reason why your foot feels lighter as you run. One of the problems you would encounter with a wrong pair of shoes during running is that you would have blisters. This comes from the friction of your heel against the wrong pair of shoes during running.

    So in case you are looking for a new pair of trainers after coming to the end of this post, you might want to give the Nike Air Max 95 a chance. It is best known for being incredible lightweight that make you comfortable on feet and suitable for several sports, like running, climbing, rappelling and even daily walking. Alternately, you can find more Nike trainers at size.co.uk.

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