5 Popular hairstyles for spring/summer 2012

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It is time to get rid of anything that is not helping you to put your best face forward, and your hairstyle is no exception. For men, 2012 is a year of haircut versatility.
In 2012 men's hairstyle, we can see the incarnation of the rockabilly hairstyle. Originally pioneered by musicians like Jonny Cash and Elvis, the inspired retro hair can be seen in the menswear fashion shows over the past few years. This hairstyle constituted slick back hair where the top was kept longer in length while the back and the sides are short. The hair could be parted, slicked back or pompadour. This hairstyle works even in a conservative environment.

It was only a few short years ago that the undercut hairstyle would have been considered a haircut solely for the young and the daring. But now, the undercut sits as one of the most fashionable and versatile options in 2012. It is a great option because this haircut is capable of working with plenty of other hairstyles and is suitable for anyone with straight or wavy hair capable of growing the top long. It is also a great hairstyle to conceal a receding hairline.
Short and curly, it is a hairstyle that connotes a relaxed lifestyle. This entangled, interlocked and messy hairstyle is one of the trendy styles for this season. However, this hairstyle is only suitable for people with natural, curly hair. Avoid faking the curls as the end result will not look as good as the ones with natural head of wavy hair.
The Brit rock hairstyle is a hair swept forwards style for young guys that give them a fringe. This hairstyle is suitable for guys with everything from straight to curly hair. This haircut is all about length through the top. However, this hairstyle is not as simple as sweeping your hair forwards. It takes the right hair cut and the right products to exhibit the perfect Brit rock hairstyle.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is easy on the maintenance and portrays masculinity, an ultra-defined buzz cut is the best choice. This square-shaped cut makes any man's face appear more masculine, it is easy to maintain and it looks sharp and sexy at the same time. It is perfect for the season where the weather is hot and you tend to sweat more.

5 Designer Watches of the Month

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Wrist watches are the best fashion accessories. Not only are they functional, they serve as a statement piece too and are on a par with the most valuable jewelry. Each year wrist watches companies come up with various stylish and beautiful watches. With so many choices in the market, it is best to invest in a good watch that will take you further ahead.

Swiss watch-making company Tissot presents their latest creation that promises precision, performance and style, the Tissot Heritage PR 516. The watch is protected with scratch-proof sapphire crystals and beneath it, is a choice of silver, black or blue dial.

Celebrating the 80th birthday of Jack Heuer, TAG Heuer prepared a Limited Edition of Carrera Jack Heuer 80th birthday watch. It is distinctive by the traditional chronograph layout which was used on the original model from 1964. Red details on the dial and hands are a nice touch too. The watch is available either with a stylish black calf strap with red lining or the standard stainless steel bracelet.

For those who travel the world, you will be delighted to know that Rolex has produced the first Rolex with two time zones and an annual calendar that discreetly marks the passage of the months. The Sky-Dweller displays the local time via centre hands and a chosen reference time via a rotating disc visible on the dial. The watch allows global travelers to select the individual functions to be set easily.

Omega presents a new collection of watches, the Specialities Olympic Collection London 2012 that is bound to impress. The steel-red gold on leather strap watch has features such as self-winding chronograph movement with column wheel mechanism and Co-Axial Escapement for greater precision stability and durability of the movement.
Famous watch and jewelry manufacture, Cartier, presents a new series of timepieces that set standards in terms of technology, design and material. The Rotonde de Cartier Perpetual Calender is crafted in a polished pink gold case with black alligator straps and gold clasps. The gorgeous feature about this watch would be the sapphire crystal case-back for self-winding movement and blue sword-shaped central hour and minute hands on a silver dial.

One thing is certain—a wrist watch for men has never been 'just a watch' from way back. They became fashion accessories and designs started to be equally important as functionality. However, it all depends on a man's personal taste and style.

Skincare DOs and DONTS for Spring/Summer 2012

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Caring for your skin is a year long process, but even more so during the summer and winter months where the weather is harsher on the skin. Summer is when the skin tends to produce a whole lot more of oil. Hence, daily cleansing, weekly exfoliation and a few other skin cares are important rituals during this season.

Practice the habit of cleansing every day in summer to avoid oil from accumulating and solidifying on your skin. Clogged pores can cause some nasty consequences. However, avoid using any deodorant soap on your face. These soaps may contain harsh ingredients that your skin may be sensitive to. L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Cleansing Foaming Cream is the perfect choice for sensitive skin. It gently cleanses and helps reinforce the skin's natural resilience that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and perfectly cleansed. $14.90 from Amazon.

Exfoliating sloughs off dead skin hence do it at places where your razor doesn't reach. However, exfoliation should not happen on a daily basis. Your skin needs recovery time in-between exfoliations. Pay attention to the cleansers you use because some cleansers also act as mild exfoliates.
Another important point in skin care during this hot season is to not over-shave. Shaving produces micro-cuts and shaving everyday will cause your skin to work overtime as it combats repairing itself and protecting itself against harmful UV rays. Summer is all about being outside and overstressing your skin can wreak havoc. Fusion ProGlide Clear Shave Gel by Gillette is the perfect product for a more precise shaving experience. The transparent and non-foaming shave gel gives you a clear view of the hair you are shaving and the gel contains lubricants for incredible shaving comfort. $8.98 from Amazon.
Excessive sun exposure is unhealthy to the skin. Overexposure can develop serious skin diseases. Remember to constantly use sunscreen for your skin and reapply them whenever you are sweating or in water. Ultra Defense Sunscreen from Banana Boat contains Vitamin E while offering advanced protection without drying out the skin.
Don't forget to care for your lips too! Winter is not the only season that can be tough on your lips. NIVEA for Men Replenishing Lip Balm is specially engineered to provide long lasting protection without leaving a visible residue. This SPF 4 lip balm is enriched with Vitamin E, fragrance-free and helps protect against the sun and wind. You can get this must have item from Amazon at $17.49.
Caring for your skin is just as important for men as they are for women. Be smart about your skin and you'll have the promise of good and healthy skin all year long.

Hip Fashion Accessories in Spring/Summer 2012

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A new season is here! Say goodbye to the bitter cold winds and time to greet the hot sun. But beware! Your mind and style is on stake here! The long sunny days may compel you to loosen up and fall into a routine of being lazy about your dressing. Hence, this is the best reason for you to upgrade your wardrobe. With these accessories in your hands, your summer is going to be a whole lot hotter!
Is the sun too bright? Grab a pair of Oliver Goldsmith Shades this season! These timeless design frames are a pure classic and with them on, you are bound to attract attention wherever you turn.

Tod's Canvas Belts are ideal this season for a convenient and trendy approach in accessories. These double-toned canvas and leather belts have interlocking closures in which one end simply locks into the other instead of the usual metal buckle. They are also suitable for those who want to avoid the 'bling' crowd.
This season sees the debut of a number of new, distinctive bag styles for men. Louis Vuitton introduces the new Nomade leather, softer and revisited in a rich palette of olive green, burgundy and tobacco. The features are simple yet classic and are bound to impress.
Another trendy accessory that you should not miss is the limited edition collection of bags and accessories featuring sketches done by Guinness. Thanks to the collaboration between Coach and Hugo Guinness, Hugo Guinness for Coach, a new collection of unique and attractive fashion items is born. Sketches include athlete boxers, cups of coffee and other random objects.
It is not surprising that after revamping up the whole men's wardrobe, designers would turn to the bottom of a man's feet. Colored soles are now one of the trendy things you should not miss this season. Christian Louboutin is no longer just producing shoes with colored soles for women; now, men gets to enjoy his stylish and gorgeous shoes with red soles too. Jil Sander introduces a choice of blue, pink and peach for the bottom of the shoes. Dolce & Gabbana joins the crowd too with their own line of gorgeous colored soles shoes. These colored soles are guaranteed to attract more attention and help you walk taller.
Don't miss out on these interesting and attractive accessories. Brighten up your wardrobe this season with all these desirable items.

Eco-fashion trends update in Spring/Summer 2012

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With the intent of creating a large impact and inspire other designers to saunter towards a cruelty-free direction, John Bartlett, winner of the Council of the Designers of America/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge introduces to the public this summer his latest eco-friendly Fall/Winter collection.

Outdoorsy, all-American appeal with sailor stripes and lumberjack plaids defines the first cruelty-free menswear collection at Fashion Week. Bartlett, the recently vegan designer insists on cruelty-free yet sustainable materials for his collections.

The uniqueness of Bartlett's elegant suits lies in where the suit is made of conventional cotton and blends of organic and not wool. But his suits are not the only pieces with this unique cruelty-free material. Bartlett's striped Henley's, sweaters, and dress-shirts are also made of organic cotton.
Determined to encourage cruelty-free designs, Bartlett even went to the lengths of mining his personal collection of Hudson's Bay point blankets—items that were normally traded in the 18th and 19th centuries to First Nations and Native Americans in exchange for beaver pelts and other goods—to create some of his jackets, capes and ponchos seen in the collection.

Results from this creative and eco-friendly inspiration came pieces that are sleek, supple and infused with colors derived from nature.
Another recent eco-friendly collection to parade in Fashion Week is Jeff Garner's Prophetik collection. Dyes used for his pieces are all natural and obtained from plants grown in his gardens. Floral print and houndstooth checks are the designs chosen for his men's jodhpurs and knee-length frock coats. Garner adapted the Scottish Highlands feel to his attires without the traditional tartan. 

Another trend worth all the fuss for is the new "Bonobo" series of laptop and iPad bags by Bluelounge. Bonobo bags are created from post-consumer PET bottles. Woven from the same material plastic soda bottles are made of, the five piece collection includes a backpack, a tote, a messenger, and two sizes of sleeve to coddle your electronic gear in streamlined style. The creations are designed to provide barrier against moisture, extra protection along with ergonomic straps for comfort on the go. They are tough and sturdy yet soft to the touch. A perfect blend of function and finesse.
These designer items are fashionable, durable and with a special twist of being eco-friendly. So, what is not to be crazy about?


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